Friday, December 19, 2008

Age and tangyuan on Dongzhi

Chinese New Year or Xin Nian is approaching. The sign is there, especially at market places. You can hear Xin Nian songs being played by roadside CD sellers and various types of decorations are on sale at several stalls.

The arrival of Dongzhi (which means 'the arrival of winter' or winter solstice) which falls on the 21st of December this year is a sure sign that Xin Nian is coming. On this day, the Chinese, including me will be eating tangyuan (gluttinous rice balls cooked in syrup) as is the custom. Some old folk will tell you that once you have tasted tangyuan on Dongzhi, you are considered one year older. That explains why some Chinese girls refuse to partake of tangyuan on the said day because they want to remain young every year.

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