Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Joyous Night at City Bayview

How many of you have ever met your classmates and schoolmates you studied with and graduated 40 years ago? Well, my schoolmates who graduated from school in 1968 met again this year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of leaving our alma mater, Chung Ling High School of Penang. 154 of us met at our alma mater yesterday to take a group photo which I will put in this post when it is sent to me later on. We had quite an enjoying time listening to songs sung by veterans the like of Ooi Soon Theng and Ooi Kean Eong.

From 6.00 p.m. we gathered at the hotel lobby for socialising and talking of the past. I enjoyed learning what had transpired during the years I did not hear from my old friends. We wore beight long-sleeved T-shirt during the night. Some classmates wore their coats too. We were fortunate to have with us teachers who taught us 40 years old.They are in their 70's and 80's yet they came to grace the occasion.

It was really a joyous night for all of us.

Here are some of the photos taken with my Cybershot. More to come later

Some of the schoolmates who posed with me (third from the left)

At the Registration Counter

Wives of schoolmates

Enjoying chatting session with old pals

Who is the centre of attraction here? Our Chairman, of course

As today is Dongzhi Day, City Bayview prepared the Chinese traditional dish, tangyuan, for us to start the ball rolling before the real courses that are to come along.

The following are the 8 sets of food went down our tummies on the joyous night:

1st course

2nd course

3rd course

4th course

5th course

6th course

7th course

8th course

The Chairman, Cheah Eu Kiat, giving a welcoming speech

This function would not have been possible without him -Sim Jin Tang

Having a good chat with old pals

Posing for remembrance

Professor Quak speaking on behalf of old boys residing in Singapore

Old boys residing in Kuala Lumpur

Old boys residing in Kedah

Lee Phong Thuan & Chow Chuan Juan from England

Old boys residing in Thailand

Pre-celebrating 60th birthday for some old boys

Talking with Mr Toh, our Physics teacher

Four of our former teachers

Ooi Kean Eong singing duet with the S.P. Songstress

Donation to alma mater

Donation of RM3000 to Chung Ling Private

Donation to Chung Ling Butterworth

My 'tablemates' at dinner time

Clap and sing, that's it

Can I help you do the job?

Kean Eong (in black) posing with pals

Cheah Eu Kiat posing with pals

All smiles for ox'ans

How come I didn't see you just now?

Why are we waiting?

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