Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sensitive to mistakes in English

As a teacher, I have to mark the essays written by my students every now and then. Through the passage of time, I have grown very sensitive to their grammatical errors. It is said that a teacher will be better in the language that he teaches. This is so because he himself has to know everything about its grammar, sentence structures and other matters related to the language.

When I write my own posts on the spot, I often make grammatical errors unintentionally when I leave out prepositions or use the wrong tenses. I only realize these when I read through my own posts again. Hence it is very important for bloggers to go over their posts to make sure they are correct grammatically. The posts need not be in English. They can be in Chinese, Malay, Tamil, German, Dutch, Japanese and so on as long as they are grammatically correct.

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