Friday, December 26, 2008

Less sleep means cleverer?

I chanced to listen to one fact or legend which has to do with intelligence in the opera show. The male character was telling his friend that his son was very talented and he had little sleep. According to him, Einstein slept only two hours per day and he concluded than those who sleep less must be cleverer that those who refuse to part with their beds when it comes to waking time. Do you believe that fact that Einstein is clever because he sleeps very little?

My reading tells me that whether you are a young kid or an old folk, you still need 8 hours of sleep per day to have your bodies fully charged for the next day's activities. However, I sleep five hours daily because I only go to bed at 12.30p.m. and wakes up punctually at 6.00 a.m.


YAAKUB ISA said...
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YAAKUB ISA said...

Umat Islam digalakkan oleh agama bersembahyang sunat pada sepertiga akhir malam. Dalam istilah Islam aktiviti ini disebut qiyyamul lail = berjaga malam. Banyak kisah tentang kejayaan mereka yang berjaga malam ini. Nabi Muhammad SAW sendiri diriwayatkan pernah bengkak kedua-dua kaki baginda kerana terlalu lama berdiri bersembahyang pada waktu malam. Kalau begitu, kurang tidur bukan sahaja boleh menjadi lebih pintar, malahan lebih segar dan bertenaga pada waktu siang keesokan harinya. Wallahu a'lam (Allah Yang Maha Tahu).