Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fastening seat belts

Come first day of 2009, all back seat passengers in Malaysia will have to fasten their safety-belts or the driver will be slapped with a fine of RM300 until 30th June. From 1st July onwards, the fine will be a whopping RM2000 for non-compliance in this matter.

I think it is good that to enforce this law. Very often, during a collision for high-speed vehicles, the inertia will throw the back seat passengers forward, causing serious injuries to the driver in front. If they have fastened their seat belts, this can be prevented. Hence there is no reason to oppose such a law when it is for your own good. Back seat passengers who deem it troublesome to fasten safety-belts should bear in mind the driver's safety. With right thinking and having made it a habit to do so, fastening seat belts for back seat passengers will become a routine and hassle free then.

Happy fastening seat belts for your own safety and that of the driver.

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