Saturday, October 18, 2008

A new discovery in class

I was checking the payment column of my Form 5 English tuition class and found a girl's fees still unsettled today. She told me that she had paid the fees already but I had doubts because the receipt number had not been entered in the relevant column. Hence I demanded to see her receipt which she had not brought. To confirm whether she had actually paid her fees I went to the office and found no records of her paying the fees.

The clerk wanted to see her for clarification and what a shock I was in when the girl turned out to be a Form 1 student sitting in my Form Five English class. According to her explanation to the clerk, her dad wanted her to be in Form Five as she wanted to improve her already good English further.

That explains why she could answer all the questions put to her and her essay merited a B when she came to my class last month. I did not suspect her to be a Form 1 student because her voice is that of a mature girl. Because of her size, I asked her whether she knew it was a Form 5 class when she first entered my class and she nodded and sat down ready for my lessons.

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