Friday, October 17, 2008

Bogus monks

Bogus monks have been seen asking for money instead of food in market places and eateries in Penang and other states in Malaysia. The Buddhist Association here has asked the public not to donate money to these 'monks'.

Real monks will beg for food just enough for a meal and nothing more.
Hence the bogus monks must be laymen who have shaved their hair to look like monks.

They are out to make quick money and if we give them money, we encourage them to earn money through cheating.

Another aspect of Buddhism involves greed. If we give money to monks we encourage them to be greedy and being greedy will send them to the ghosts' realm when they pass away.

Hence no money should be given to real monks or bogus ones on this principle. If we practise Buddhism in this way, no bogus monks will appear to make easy money.
Giving food to monks is the right thing to do when monks come to you with a bowl.

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