Saturday, June 28, 2008

About Yaakub Isa

Yaakub Isa was my Principal when I was teaching in Sek Men Jerantut, Pahang. I can always remember the moustache he sported. It was the symbol of maturity and Yaakub was truly a man of substance. When I learnt that he attended writers' seminar, I knew that he was interested in creative writing. His circulars were proof of his ability in writing. They were precise and concise and poetic too.
I have to thank Yaakub for leaving comments in my recent post for me to recall some fond memories of my former principal.
He was concerned about new teachers' affair. I still can remember the advance of money he gave us before our names were on the pay sheet. It really helped us pay for living expenses such as house rental and food. Without this financial help, we would be left in the lurch.
We also really appreciated the effort that he initiated to enable us to go back earlier on the last day of each school. On that day, all morning session pupils and teachers would end their lessons after recess, that is at 10.30 a.m. The afternoon session pupils and teachers would start their lessons from then on. Hence outstation teachers of both sessions could go back to their home town earlier. As I came from Penang, I surely welcomed this arrangement because it would take me 12 hours to reach my home town from Jerantut. Thank you Encik Yaakub.

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