Monday, March 31, 2008

Meaningful gifts

A lady doctor who passed away in France had her organs donated to those who needed them for transplants as her wish before her death is indeed a selfless deed. More people should emulate her in so doing.

Dr Tan Bee Hooi from Malaysia underwent an operation related to arteriovenous malformation in her brains at Foundation Rothchild Hospital in Paris, France but succumbed to death on last Wednesday owing to complications. Her corneas, heart, kidneys and liver were harvested for patients waiting for transplants in France and other European countries.


fwidman said...

That was surely a most wonderful thing on her part to donate those organs.
I am afraid that, by the time I am done using them, none of my organs will be worth donating, they will be in such bad shape.

Kwei On said...

she is definitely a commendable doctor, having graduated and came back to her hometown to provide free medical services on sundays at the Amata Free Medical Clinic in Penang where the poor and needy are taken care off. It is a saddening news that she has to pass off.

Well, the Buddha mentioned more than 2500 years ago that LIFE IS UNCERTAIN, DEATH IS CERTAIN. As long as we are alive, we should exercise our best conduct to help fellow humans to do good. Even upon death, Dr Tan has donated her organs for the benefit of fellow humans who are in need of them. SADHU to her universal efforts to bring happiness to the unfortunate. May she be reborn in a happy realm full of compassion and loving kindness.