Sunday, March 30, 2008

How to reduce stress

In modern day's hectic life, many city folk suffer from stress which invariably leads to hypertension. I know of one schoolmate who takes ten pills a day. These are for reducing hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and calming down or reducing stress.

To me, reducing stress can be done without any medication. Here are some of the ways you may use to reduce stress.

1 Meditate for 11 minutes per day.

Eleven is considered 'fullness'. Hence meditating for eleven minutes should be sufficient to calm oneself.

2 Forget your enemies every night you go to sleep. Theoretically you will have no enemies the next day to worry about since you have forgotten them the night before.

3 Read light articles and humorous stories in between your busy schedule to give yourself time to have a good laugh.

4 Be positive-minded and optimistic. Always expect things to go right and with this mental magnetism radiating from you, things will usually go smoothly as planned.

5 Should failure or disappointment knock at your door, accept it and start afresh. Don't let worries make you stressful.

Finally remember that STRESS simply means 'Seeing the rainbow emerge stretching sky-high' and the beauty of the rainbow will drive away all your stressful feeling.

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