Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Question Tags

The question tags used are determined by the subject, verb and tense of a question.

The following sentences will make these clear to you:
Example 1: He comes here every day, doesn’t he?
Example 2: She came here yesterday, didn’t she?
Example 3: They will come here every day, won’t they?
Example 4: Susan can spell well, can’t she?
Example 5: It is cheap, isn’t it?
Example 6: John didn’t work there, did he?
Example 7: She won’t be coming, will she?
Example 8: You don’t like it, do you?
Example 9: Christiana doesn’t play badminton, does she?
Example 10: It isn’t my idea, is it?

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Lic. Hebe Martorella said...

The exercise is very useful. Thanks a lot.