Sunday, March 23, 2008

The importance of interacting with others

Man cannot live alone. Somehow or other he has to interact with others. Personally I find that interacting is important in the course of our work.

As a teacher, I need to interact with my pupils to understand their weaknesses in the subject that I teach so that I can plan my lessons according to their level so that they can fully grasp the contents of the lessons taught. If teachers are willing to interact with pupils, the classroom atmosphere will be less tense but more lively. We need not confine ourselves to subject matter only as the class can discuss matters that interest everybody for five or ten minutes to add variety to the lesson of the day to avoid boredom.

Interaction among colleagues is very important too. How can we work with people in the same office without uttering a word to the one sitting next to you. Mutual understanding can be fostered through two-day communication. In this way, less friction will occur in the workplace.

At home too, family members need to interact to keep their relationship closer. Interaction among family members will make the home merrier and prevent generation gap as has happened before people realize the importance of interaction.

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