Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Come to our class, Sir

When I left Jerantut in 1978, I was quite reluctant to part with her as I had very fond memories of the place there.

In 1979, I was transferred to Sungai Petani. The classroom atmosphere in St Theresa Secondary School, the school I taught in, was very conducive for teaching. What a group of darlings who were all ready to listen to my teaching! They did not make noise in class or in the lab. As a teacher, I knew that I must teach them until they understand my lessons. My effort was not fruitless. None of my students did badly in exams.

If there is anything that is indelible from my memory about St Theresa Secondary School, it is the Teacher's Day treat the pupils prepared for teachers. I never missed savouring delicious food prepared by my students for us.

On Teacher's Day, all classes were allowed to prepare food and drinks for the teachers. The monitor would always come to us, saying "Come to our class, Sir."

We adjourned from class to class, helping ourselves to the food and drinks. One particular pupil's class was the favourite of all teachers as he was the son of a restaurant owner. The fried chicken and curried chicken contributed by Sek Kiang Restaurant were the items we never missed. They were so sumptuous that a second helping was not surprising. I could still recall the name of the boy. He was Khor Choon Hong, a quiet, big-eyed boy with light dark skin abd he later became the monitor of my class.

Besides the treat on Teacher's Day, I can still recall other memorable occasions there. I will relate them here in my blog later.

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