Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A blog is more than a journal

When I teach English to new students, I never fail to ask each of them to keep a journa1. A journal is different from a diary in that you can write your thoughts and viewpoint on certain issues in your journal.

With the advent of the Internet, a blog can serve as a journal. It is digitized on the net and is paperless. Hence, nowadays, I will ask my students to apply for free blogs on which to keep their journals.

From what I can see, a blog is more than a journal because besides writing thoughts, opinions and pouring out feelings onto it, bloggers can publish their gigantic and clear photos to show their photogenic faces and photos of themselves in activities attended by them. Famous bloggers like Kenny Sia even went to the extent of doing some daring acts like drinking a snake's blood and eating its heart and had it video-camed so that he could insert the video in his blog for others to view.

Some bloggers will sing and record their singing before putting the audio files on their blogs for the listening pleasure of readers.

Certain bloggers also conduct poll on current issues to gather opinion of net surfers about them.

Hence a webblog is more than a journal.

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kennysia said...

Hi Mr Teoh! Well done with what you've done here with your blog.