Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to download video clips from Youtube easily

Youtube has become so popular that every Internet used has used it before. For magic fans like me, the like to watch magic shows performed by Liu Qian. He is so talented in attracting the audience and have them spellbound with his show. You will never feel bored watching his deft hands conjuring things and making them disappear in front of you.

I have tried a few freeware to download video clips from Youtube and I found that the best way is to go an online site to do it. I shall now share this site with readers. The URL is http://keepvid.com.

When you go to this site, there is a space for you to place the URL of the video clip from Youtube. Just dump it there and the intended clip will be shown before it, giving a choice to download as an avi, mp4, or other video formats shown. Click the one you fancy and it will download for you.

By the way, you need to right click your mouse at the Youtube video clip and click 'copy location of url' or something to that effect.

Happy downloading video clips using the above method.

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