Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Ride on Maglev train

One of my memorable experience while in Shanghai, China was to have a chance to ride on the Maglev train. It is a type of train whose forward movement is caused by a magnetic field. Hence it can travel smoothly and fast. The blurred image of my camera caught the speed at 301 km/hr. In fact it fluactuates between 300 km/hr and 301 km/hr.

According to the tourist guide, the Chinese government bought the patent right of the German technology and had it run in Shanghai - an attraction to foreign touriests.

I really enjoyed my ride on the smooth and almost quiet ride on the Maglev.

This is where you buy your Maglev train ticket

Side view of Maglev train

Waiting to board the Maglev train

Speed of Maglev train: 301 km/hr

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