Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Malay Blog

Readers who are interested in learning Malay or bahasa Melayu can go to my new blog entitled 'Halaman Bahasa Melayu Cikgu Yeoh' which I started to write three days ago. It is written entirely in bahasa Melayu.

My aim of writing the above blog is to help promote bahasa baku or standard Malay. It is my sincere hope that more users of the language will use it correctly and grammatically, in accordance with 'Tatabahasa Dewan Edisi Ketiga' - the official grammar book for use in schools and the media.

For my first post, I write about 'Penggunaan kata pemeri 'ialah' dan 'adalah' (The usage of 'ialah' and 'adalah'). In my second post, I deal with 'Kesalahan Umum Penggunaan Bahasa' (Common mistakes in language usage), starting with the absence of prefix 'meN' in statements. As for today's post, I touch on 'ayat inti' (the basic sentence structures). Exercise and answers are also given for readers for self-assessment. If readers want to ask questions about Malay usage, they can key in their queries in the Chat Box and I will answer them in my post.

Just surf to to view my new Malay blog.

So much for my new blog.

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