Friday, May 6, 2011

Look before you leap

I fell three days ago for tripping over a stone on the tarred road in the parking lot of my condominium thanks to being not mindful.

You see, I was turning my head to the left while continuing my walk and when I realised that my left foot had kicked something protruding from the ground, it was too late. I tried hard to balance myself but failed and I landed with my right elbow touching the rough and jagged surface causing it to bleed because of abrasion. I quickly ran to reach my unit and had it washed with Dettol solution and pressed with gauze to stop the bleeding after which acroflavine is applied to the wound. Bandaging was done after that. As I was a first-aider before, doing all these is not new to me.

It taught me a good lesson. You must 'look before you leap' that is watch your steps when you walk so that you won't trip over anything and be in my plight now with the wound still hurting.

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