Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Internet is our teacher

Many a time, I encounter problems regarding ways to make Windows 7 work the way I like it. From past experience, the best place to look for help is the Internet. Sure enough, I have solved most of my problems through help given by the Internet.

As there are many people around the world who write on a variety of topics in their posts, they are a source of knowledge to others. Personally, I have discovered that many of my posts on English have been used to answer questions posed by Internet surfers. For example, the article on Present Participle was used wholesale to answer an Internet user's query.

I am happy to be of help to those who like to learn English. You can always go to the label 'Tips on English' to read all the articles I have written on using correct English. My experience in learning and teaching the language helps me to understand the language better and I am too willing to share the knowledge with readers all over the world.

When I say that the Internet is our teacher, I am telling the truth. I have benefitted from this vast source of knowledge, with myself contributing a bit to it.

Long live the Internet - a good source of knowledge.

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teejay said...

Dear Mr. Yeoh,

Am your form 2 student (1974)for science class. My name is Tajuddin and I left SMJ after form three to join Royal Military College. I dont know whether you still can recall about me. (top Malay student in form 2 and brother to Che Gu Naim. My classmate were Sarojini, Wong Yoke Lan, Zainon, Lau Ah Yip, Siti Sara, and many more. Happy to in touch with you and looking forward to see my old friend. My mail address Regards