Thursday, February 24, 2011

Toying with microsoft virtual pc

I am still unable to find the canonscan lide20 drivers for my windows 7 64-bit system. Finally, I tried to create a virtual pc to install the driver meant for Windows XP.

I went to to look for the update file (.msu) to install the Virtual PC. After a few experiments I was able to install WinXP in this Virtual PC. The snag is I did not know how to access files in my host drive to install the said driver for the above scanner.

When I click on Microsoft Virtual PC, my Windows XP looks exactly as it should be run but with a smaller window. I managed to install a free AVG anti-virus software in it. That's it. I have yet to know to access files in my real drive to do more installation of software.

Toying with Microsoft Virtual PC will occupy much of my free time these few days.

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