Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I got my refund hassle-free

Thumbs up to a hypermarket here for having done an excellent job.

I was looking for a fluorescent tube with white light. Alas, I had the misfortune of having bought one with yellowish light when the label reads 'cool white' in another hypermarket. When I brought it back to the hypermarket to exchange for the correct but I could not find other type of the same brand I wanted. Later I went back to the customer service section to ask for a refund but the girl in charge said that I could not get a refund but I could buy other things with the same about of money but had to pay the balance if my items cost more than that.

The next day, I went to the hypermarket which I am going to praise this morning to get another type of flourescent tube. Again, it produced yellowish light. Hence back to the hypermarket I went to ask for a refund. The girl in charge asked me to fill in a form and I got a full refund.

It was at an electric shop that I got the correct type of fluorescent tube as the man tested it in front of me and I could see the white light emitting from the tube whereas in the hypermarket, I had no way of knowing whether I got the correct light or not.

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