Saturday, November 27, 2010

The cave in Jiu Xiang

Another interesting I set foot on was Jiu Xiang Geological National Park where beautiful stalactites (structures formed on the roof / ceiling (remember the c ing stalactites) of caves) and stalagmites (structures formed on the floor / ground (remember the g in stalagmites) of caves. I was surprised to see a waterfall in the cave too.

The photos below are self-explanary with some comments added in.

The words on the stone read
'The Jiu Xiang Geological National Park'

The arch's wording reads 'The Scenic Area of Jiu Xiang'

What 'animals' can you make out of these structures in the cave?

Some beautiful stalagmites

A 'tiger' opening its mouth

Beautiful stalactites 1

Beautiful stalactites 2

Beautiful stalactites 3

Posing in front of stalactites

Another beautiful site in the cave

A very tall stalagmite

How beautiful these stalactites are

A rare scene - waterfall in the cave

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