Friday, November 26, 2010

The amazing stone forest

One of the peculiar physical features of Yunnan is the Stone Forest. There are stones as tall as trees lying here and there forming a forest. A visit to Yunnan is not complete without a visit to this wonder of nature. Earthquakes which occur frequently also affect the structure of the stones as can be seen from the photos I took of them.

We were able to watch the traditional dance performed by the Bai minority group of Yunnan. Some visitors joined them for the dance too.

Entrance to Stone Forest

Stones growing up from the water

Erected natural stones

Stones of various shapes and sizes

Effect of earthquake on the stones resulted in this condition

The carving on the stone reads 'Shi Lin' or 'Stone Forest'

Do I look like twin-tower

Fort-like stones

Do you dare to walk under the trapped fallen stone?

Scene showing effect of earthquake on the stones

Towering stone forest

Do we look like snow-capped mountains?

Look at the stone that resembles the trunk of an elephant

Beautiful stone structures

Imagine the animal shapes you can make out of the stones

Let us play some music for the girls to dance.

Dance, girls, we're strumming now.

See how we dance, then you can join in.

"Wait, I want to dance too," said the man.

A maple tree

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