Friday, August 27, 2010

Lack of courtesy

Last weekend I went down to Kuala Lumpur to attend my daughter's convocation. We spent a night in Corus Hotel near Wisma MCA where the convocation ceremony would be held. In fact, we just had to walk across the pedestrian flyover and went about 200 steps to reach the venue.

The receptionist manning the check-in counter was the worst I had ever met. He refused to see the reference number of the online booking I did two weeks before. Instead he asked for my IC. What is the use of doing online booking when you had to do the same thing exactly as you had not booked the hotel and went to check in personally. He did not say words like 'Welcome to Corus Hotel' or any utterance of welcoming the guest. He acted like a dumb keying in information. There were guests behind me and he did not even acknowledge their presence by say 'Please wait awhile. I will attend to you real soon.' Then he handed me two slips of paper to claim my room keys at 2.00pm because I registered earlier.

When I returned to the hotel after lunch, another receptionist who attended to me was another voiceless being. He did not say a thing after receiving the two slips I gave him but just keyed in something before he produced the two room keys to me. I expected him ti say 'Have a nice stay here.' But no. He just pushed the two keys to me and there was it. At least he must point to me where to take a lift up the sixth floor because I was not familiar with the geography of the hotel.

The last complaint I like to voice here about the hotel is the lack of courtesy. When I checked out, it was another receptionist who handled the job. It was a silent affair to the end. When I finally gave him the credit card and sighned the receipt and got the duplicate back, he did not say 'Thank you' - a basic manner expected of the front line personnel. I don't understand why this hotel could employ such people to man the front counters.

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