Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Invaded by False Alarm

I was surfing the net for some information when a program called My Security Shield appeared on my screen. It told me that my computer had viruses in drive C, windows and documents subdirectory. Then it asked me to click remove viruses. I fell to its trap and clicked it and it installed a program which became a nuisance to me because I could not delete the exe file. It kept reminding me that my computer had viruses. It even disabled my taskmaster so that I could not delete the program at all. The unlocker program which I downloaded could not do the job too. In the end, I had to do Windows Sistem Restore to get rid of this program. Later I did the scanning of my computer, it proved to be false alarm after all.

So readers, when you come across such a situation, do not panic as I do to avoid this vicious program. If I had shut down my computer and restarted everything would be back to normal.

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