Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Warded for urinary bladder infection

I am back blogging again after being admitted to hospital for 4 days. Last Friday, when I urinated I noticed some reddish particles coming out with the urine. On rubbing them with tissue, these particles proved to be blood. Hence I rushed to my family doctor in a private hospital. I told the doctor what had happened. His initial diagnosis was urinary tract infection. I was asked to have my urine tested for the presence of bacteria and have my ultrasound scanning of my internal organs especially kidneys and urinary bladder. So I went to the toilet to urinate and the urine turned red this time. However, the ultrasound scanning showed no mass in the kidney or urinary bladder.

The doctor gave one antibiotic and ural to cleanse my bladder and sent me home. Later, I found that more blood appeared in blood as I peed. I had no choice but to go back to the hospital for further action. Straight away, he put me in the ward and had an intravenous antibiotic called mesporin administered there and then besides giving me an anti-bleeding capsule termed transamin to swallow. The combination of drugs worked as the bleeding stopped by 8.00pm. I asked to be discharged the next day but the doctor disagreed because I had to complete the course of mesporin. That explained why I had to be in hospital for 4 days.

The urine result showed the presence of E-coli bacteria in my bladder. According to the doctor, the E-coli could have come from my intestine. E-coli is normally present in uncooked beef. I have never eaten any beef and I did not know how E-coli had gone into my body. Anyway, the bacteria can cause sores on the wall of urinary bladder causing bleeding and the blood will come out together with the urine.

I shall tell readers my experience in the hospital in my later posts.

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