Tuesday, July 6, 2010

About dictionaries on my handset

After a rest of well over a week I am back blogging. I felt relieved for not having to come up with something to write about during the lapse. That explains why bloggers like to blog once in a while so that they will not run out of ideas. I usually like to write about something original and hence it is not an easy task to accomplish. Anyway, I shall tell you how I spent those days I was away from the blog.

I was actually obsessed with the new Nokia 2700 classic that I redeemed with my Citibank credit card points. I exchange 58,000 points with this handset and I have no regret. It comes with a 2 mega pixel camera, bluetooth, slot for microSD up to 2G, mp3 and mp4 players. It even has voice commands which I have yet to try. My dowload of mp3 songs play well with the built ini music player. The mp4 player can play converted avi files. You have to use Nokia PC Suite to do the conversion.

As an English tutor, I take an interest in the English dictionary. Although it has one English-Chinese dictionary, I prefer the English-English dictionary. Hence I purchased the The Advanced Cambridge Dictionary online for RM52 and is worth it. Now I am carrying an English-English dictionary with me all the time. I prefer Cambridge dictionary because the explanation of the meaning of words is simple. Morever, there are sentences for almost all the words in the dictionary.

The 170,000-word dictionary is sufficient for my use. I checked quite a number of difficult words and they are all there. The Name Technology sold me an Malay-English and English-Malay dictionary for RM15 but the words are not sufficient. It is a Java dictionary. The better Kamus Pro can only run on Windows Mobile. I do not mind paying RM48 for the dictionary had it been programmed for Java based handset like mine.

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