Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 3 in Ward 306

The patient on my right looked very happy and when I asked him why he was so elated he conveyed the good news that the doctor had agreed to discharge on the day before noon. This man was actually a General Manager of a company selling mobile phone accessories. Hence he had to resume his duty on the following Monday after having two days’s rest at home.

The young man who had torn his leg’s tendon was waiting for his father to take him back too. He had to come to therapy sessions regularly after his discharge from hospital. I will always remember his sweet smile when he thanked me for helping him to open the washroom’s door.

Before I knew the two Indonesians opposite my bed were also discharged and they said good-bye to me at around 12.00 noon. By 1.00p.m. I was the lone lodger in the ward.

Hence I spent the whole afternoon assessing the Internet and preparing some Malay lessons with the laptop brought for my use by my daughter. I completed what I had to do so and shut down the laptop. When my wife came with my daughter in the evening, I asked her to take it back because I was all alone and the electronic gadget might not be safe when I went to the washroom.

At night, I was a bit scared and kept reading my mantra before going to sleep.

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