Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Where is the cat?

If you want to ask where some place or animal or thing is in Japanese, use '(name of place /animal / thing) do ko desu ka' For example, if you want to know where the police station is, just ask 'koban wa do ko desu ka? or in Hiragana こばんそこですか?’

The other examples are as follows:
1 Where is the train station?えきは どこですか?[eki wa doko desu ka?]
2 Where is the cat? ねかは どこですか? [neko wa doko desu ka?]
3 Where is the car? くるまは どこですかh? [kuruma wa doko desu ka?]

You can answer, 'It is there.' [soko desu] or 'It is over there.' [asoko desu].

In Japanese,'It is there' is rendered as そこです。"It it over there is あそこです。in Hiragana.

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