Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The difference between 'kecurian' and 'pencurian'

The Malay passive verb 'kecurian' is often used as if it is a noun. Hence, you will find a sentence such as the one below:
Kecurian sering berlaku di taman perumahan ini. [wrong]

The above sentence is wrong because 'kecurian' means 'dimasuki pencuri' or burglared in English. The correct word to be used to replace it is 'pencurian' which means 'perbuatan mencuri' or the act of stealing or theft.

The wrong sentence can be rectified as:
Pencurian sering berlaku di taman perumahan ini. [correct]
[Theft (Burglary) often occurs in this housing estate.]

The correct usage of 'kecurian' is as follows:
Rumah Ali kecurian semalam dan banyak barang bernilai telah hilang.
[Ali's house was burglared and many valuable things were missing.]

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