Sunday, May 2, 2010

Subject and object markers in Japanese

The particle 'wa' ( は) is used as a subject marker in Japanese. If we want to place 'I' as the subject of a sentence, you will write 'watashi wa' (わたし は). By the way, Japanese grammar is of SOV (subject-object verb) as opposed to SVO (subject-verb objec) in English. As for the object, its marker is 'o' [を]. You should place を after the word which is your object to indicate so.

Let us construct a sentence of the structure Subject Object Verb according to Grammar in Japanese.

Romanji: Watashi wa mizu o nomimasu.
Hiragana: わたし は みず を のみます。
English: I water drink which is 'I drink water.'

The following sentence is another example of this pattern.
Romanji: Tanaka wa neko o mimashita.
Hiragana: たなか は ねこ を みました。
English: Tanaka saw a cat. (Literally, "Tanaka[subject] cat[object] saw.")

So much for today's post on learning Japanese.

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