Sunday, May 23, 2010

Serving others really pay off

I have the chance to listen to a different type of talk on motivation and I want to share with readers what I have gained from the talk. The talk was given by a person who has studied Confucianism and Buddhism and practises them in company.

According to the corporate figure, to change the mindset of the workers, the employer himself has to change. Hence he practises the teaching of Confucius and the Buddha in his capacity as the leader of his company. He shows respects to the workers by bowing to them every morning and thanks them for their work. The rules of the company was discarded and replaced with 'Di Zi Gui' (The rules of disciples) which teaches how one should behave in the capacity of a son, father, leader, subject and so on. It stresses filial piety. All workers who have read 'Di Zi Gui' have marvellously become very good workers, dedicated and hardworking.

He also practises dana and gives lots of money to the needy. The karmic effect is great and his company's performance becomes better and better. The attitude of serving others more than oneself really pays off.

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