Friday, April 16, 2010

A way out to access my scanner under 64-bit Windows 7

My new PC looks really slim. I had a hard time trying to install my Canoscan Lide 20 scanner driver for about 10 times without any success. I download the drivers from the Internet, all different sources hoping to get one correctly installed so that my PC could access my scanner but to no avail.

Finally I found out why all the drivers could not work. My Windows 7 Home Basic is of 64 bit and all existing drivers that I had including the ones downloaded could not work in this 64 bit OS environment.

Eventually I found one software called VueScan that could work in this 64-bit environment. It can only scan images and could not do OCR. Hence I can my text with this software and save the jpg files in my folder. It is back to my Finereader to scan it using the option 'scan from file'. Until I use this method my scanner would be an white elephant.

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