Sunday, April 11, 2010

SMS Scam

In my earlier post, I talked about e-mail scam where a certain person asks for your account number to be deposited a very large sum of money as part of the fortune left by a deceased without any relatives and you are supposed to claim as his next-of-kin for the said money to be transferred to your account. If you believe the e-mail sender then you are in for trouble because he may ask you to deposit some money into his account for processing and this sum will be gone forever because it is a scam.

In this post, I will talk about an SMS scam. The SMS came to me saying that my SIM card has won a prize of RM17.000.00 and I was given a contact number so that I could get in touch with this person to claim the said sum. I knew it must be a scam because the very figure in money given was faulty as a period is used after 17 and not a comma. It can mean only RM17.00 will be given to you after you have given the man say one thousand ringgit for processing fees. If you ever come across such an e-mail, just ignore it. Don't be greedy. There is no free breakfast in this world, as a saying goes.

So much for SMS scam for this post.

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