Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dewan Eja Pro and me

As a Malay tutor, I need to key in text in Malay and check the spelling too. The best Malay spelling in Malaysia is Dewan Eja Pro. I have used it since 2007 after having tried it for three months. Nowadays the Name Technology which produces this software allows users to try it for a period of two months only.

The best part of the software is the 4th edition of Kamus Dewan. Whenever I need to confirm the meaning of a certain, I just key in the word in the space provided. The bar is always there for you to use. If you add another RM30, you can have your Kamus Peribahasa too. Hence you pay RM180 for the full Dewan Eja Pro that comes with Kamus BM to English, Kamus English to BM, Kamus Istilah and Kamus BM-Cina.

All Malay teachers and writers should benefit from this software. No pirated version works because the registration is online. I have to trouble the Name Technology whenever I reformat my Hard Disk because you won't be able to register it anymore unless they reset the setting for you to register again.

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