Thursday, March 18, 2010

'Zhi' and health

'Zhi' or wisdom is the fifth element in 'wu chang' (the five natural state or conditions). It is related to winter and water. To acquire 'zhi' one has to practise being humble. One good example is willing to listen to people's advice and opinions. As kidney manifests itself through the ears. A person whose qi of kidneys is strong is more ready to listen to advice and opinion of others.

What weakens the qi of kidneys is indulgence in sexual activities which will result in weak bones, poor memory and inability to learn and interact with others. When the qi of kidneys is weakened a person is more likely to suffer from fracture of the bones. There was a case of a patient who had too sexual actitivities that he broke his bone four times in a year.

Tension or stress will cause the qi of kidneys to be weakened. The symptom is insomnia. Once the stress is gone, the kidney's qi will be strong again and the patient will up and about again.

Hence we should be humble and relax our minds whenever possible in order to take good care of our kidneys.

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