Friday, March 19, 2010

'Xin' and health

The last element in 'wu chang' is 'Xin' which means trustworthiness or reliability. 'Xin' is related to the earth or soil where everything green grows. A person who is reliable and does not grumble or blame others for anything will have very good bowels or stomach. He will have to trouble with digestion and so.

When we do anything, we should have faith and trust in others. Only then will we be free of worries which will lead to diseases related to the stomach such as gastritis

A person who suffers from depression will have problem with his stomach. Poor digestion and gastritis will be manifested. One way of getting rid of depression is to do some activities that will take the mind off the things that worry a person. As suggested one patient of the Chinese physician whose talk I talked too and whose experience I share here actually asked his patient who suffered from depression to run as far as his enery allowed every day. The man followed his advice and after some time, he really forgot about what worried him as he concentrated on what he was doing, that running until he could no longer go any further every day. After this strenous activities, he was cured of depression and his stomach's normal functions were restored.

Hence we should be a reliable person and do not be too 'calculative' (thinking of gains for oneself only and will not let others gain even a little bit of benefit) in carrying out our duties and dealing with others. In so doing, we will have no trouble with diseases of the stomach.

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