Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When numbness lasted too long

This noon I had my lower molar tooth extracted in a hospital's dental clinic. Earlier I had gone to a private dental clinic but the dentist dared not do the extracting for fear of complications.

The dentist first injected two doses of anaesthetic into my inner cheek. After a few minutes, when numbness set in, the dentist started to do his job. He skilfully remove my molar tooth without my knowing it. It was painless.

However, when I went back I was a bit worried because the numbness on my lip and lower jaw still did not go off after three hours. Hence, I telephoned the dentist to find out what was wrong. He told me that some people would experience four to five hours' numbness. True enough, after 4 hours, the numbness finally left me. What a relief for me.

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