Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The story of soya sauce and scalding

Besides adding flavour to your food, what do you think the soya sauce or ketcup (or tau yu in Hokkean, kicap in Malay or si you in Cantonese) can do for you.

Well you actually can use it to treat scalding. I found it the hard way. Let me explain.

This afternoon, I accidentally dipped my finger into a glass of boiling water and got scalded. My wife immediately pour soya sauce onto my forefinger and there was a piecing sensation which soon went away. After an hour, I did not feel pain anymore and there was no blisters at all.

Although in the past, I used to apply fresh aloe vera juice onto my finger which was scalded, I do not use this method anymore since moving to a condominium where growing plants is a problem.

I think I will not hesitate to apply soya sauce to my fingers again if they get scalded again.

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