Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The story of short change

Yesterday, I was talking about the ATM scam where a syndicate fraudulently took away the ATM card by distracting the owner so that he was away from what he was doing.

In today's post, I would like to relate an accident where I was nearly cheated out of my change. One day, many years ago, I was at the Wembley Cinema to watch a movie. As usual I would buy twenty cents of Hacks to be taken into the cinema. I gave the girl who sold sweets a ringgit note and she returned me all ten-cent coins for the change. Usually I would simply pocket the money. Somewhere or other, at that time, I counted the coins. There were only seven of them. When I went back to complain about short change, the girl immediately gave me ten cents without asking. This aroused my suspicion that she was doing it all the time to swindle customers. This incident gave me an idea to write about the scam in a newspaper column and I got eight ringgit as honorarium.

You see, there are always people who would like to cheat if there is a chance. Hence we have to be care so as not to fall victim to them.

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