Thursday, January 28, 2010

How to avoid making mistakes

To err is human. It means making mistakes is unavoidable. We may commit some mistakes when we are in a hurry. When I key in words, I tend to make typing errors at times. Therefore, I make it a point to go through what I have typed to reduce such errors.

Hence we should exercise care so that we cut down mistakes to the minimum. This is important, especially in critical services such as medicine. The wrong prescription can cause lives. Leaving a nut in the body during operation was one of the incidents reported in the local newspapers. Imagine how much discomfort it has caused the unlucky patient, not to mention the risk of its presence there. Here is a good evidence that every care should be taken to ensure that the correct medicine is given to the patient and nothing is left in the human bodies except gadgets meant to be there after each operation.

I have done computer programming before. A misspelt command will render the program being unable to run. If you miss out one of the commands in pairs, you will never be able to make the program run as planned. Therefore programmers have to scan each line carefully before letting the program run for a trial.

In short, we should be more careful in carrying out our duties or tasks in order to avoid making mistakes. Don’t let ‘To err is human’ be the excuse for making mistake.

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