Friday, January 29, 2010

Be a vegetarian

I was listening to a talk on how to stay healthy and gained some useful information which I would like to share with readers of this blog. Food is the one stressed by the presenter. According to him, cancer has become a common disease in the world. There is nothing to fear if one should contact this disease. He enlightened us that we have to use the right method to deal with cancer cells.

In the past we have treated cancer cells as enemies and try to destroy them through radium treatment and chemotherapy but they will still be in our bodies. A doctor who had suffered from cancer treated the cells as friends. He altered his life-style and food. From a hectic schedule, he had taken things easy. He turned vegetarian. Miraculously, the tumour had reduced to a negligible size and disappeared later.

A researcher who went to China during the 80's also found that those Chinese who took mainly vegetables and fruits had rarer cases of contacting cancer.

Hence, it can be concluded that switching to vegetarian has a better chance of not contacting cancer.

Be a vegetarian then.

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