Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The working of 'yan' let us meet again

I always believe in 'yan' or 'chance occurrence'. It is 'yan' that makes you the son or daughter of your parents. It is 'yan' that brings your mum and dad together as man and wife. So is yan's working when someone is your sibling. In fact, people around you are examples of the manifestation of 'yan'.

When I was teaching in Jerantut, I chanced to meet Tan Jee Peng from Kulim, Kedah who was posted to my school. A year later, I was transferred to Sungai Petani. Her wife, Guat Lee, suggested that I rent her mother's house as she was staying all alone when Guat Lee and her sister, both nurses, were on night duties. My wife and I agreed and so 'yan' brought us to meet Guat Lee's mother.

SinceI left Sungai Petani in 1989, I haven't met Jee Peng and Guat Lee until today. A month ago, I received a phone call from Jee Peng, telling me that his eldest will be getting married on 26th December and he invited me to attend the wedding dinner. Then a fortnight ago, I received an invitation card by post. Based on the address and a search for the location through the help of Google maps, I was able to reach his house in Bukit Mertajam this morning. Guat Lee had cooked a very delicious vegetarian lunch for me and my wife. After lunch, we talked of the old times. See, 'yan' brought us to meet again after a lapse of nearly 20 years!

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