Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Dongzhi

Time flies. It's Dongzhi again tomorrow and tonight every Chinese family is busy preparing tangyuen (glutinous rice balls) to mark the arrival of winter. That is the meaning Dongzhi. In English, it is Winter Solstice.

Some Chinese don't like dongzhi because it makes them one year older. According to the Chinese, a person is considered one year older after partaking of tangyuen.

By itself tangyuen is tasteless. However when cooked in syrup, the tangyuens taste sweet. The colours used are invariably are white and red or pink. I like rolling the dough on my palms to form glutinous rice balls or tangyuen.

If you read my earlier post on tangyuen, you can see the look of tangyuen and how they are made.

Happy Dongzhi to all Chinese all over the world.

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