Thursday, December 3, 2009

My encounter with high blood pressure

My blood pressure used to be 120/80 even when I was at 40 and my family doctor always tells me that I have the body of a young man. At 50's my bp has increased to 130/90 and the doctor does not ask me to take any medicine. Ideally, our blood pressure should be 120/80.

Two weeks ago, I felt dizzy and the whole body was like having temperatures. I went to my family doctor to check my bp and it registered 145/95. He asked me to come for another two times for checking and if the blood pressure still does not go down, I will have to be on bp pill. I went to the clinic for the second bp check but he was not around and I went to a pharmacy to have my bp checked. It had gone down to 140/85.

Then I decided to go to a specialist and he put me on bp pill straight away when my bp showed a reading of 150/90. i took the pill and the pressure went down to 107/76 when I measured it with my newly-bought electronic bp meter. I stopped the drug and kept monitoring my bp and I found that my bp range was 123-130 / 78-90 for a week. I do not suffer from high blood pressure after all.

I have decided to exercise and take vegetarian diet to maintain a normal bp and I hope it works. I like to share the types of food that we should take to reduce blood pressure. These include apples, bananas, papayas, carrots, sweet potatoes and almonds. Sufficient sleep is needed too as lack of sleep will elevate blood pressure too. Above eat more fruit and green vegetables and avoid oily and fried food as well as processed food.

My blood pressure readings today are 126/81 at 1.40pm and 125/79 at 10.00pm. They were the best so far.

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