Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Be the next-of-kin for the sake of money

A lot of scam is going on in the cyber world. I am one of the victims. I keep receiving e-mails telling me to submit my particulars including bank account number for the purpose of putting a large sum of money left by a person who died without any relatives into my savings account and I am entitled to the money provided I confess I am his next-of-kin. This is unbelievable as the one who undertakes this case, assuming that it is true, would have asked his relatives to be the next-of-kin so that the money can be shared between him and the relative.

Usually this unscrupulous person who claims to be a lawyer will ask you to deposit a substantial sum of money into an account number belonging to him, on the pretext that it is meant for processing the transfer of money into your account. Once the money is cleared, you will neither see your money again, nor hear from him anymore. Hence you have to be careful and don't fall prey to this out-to-get-your-money person thanks to your avarice.

It doesn't pay to be greedy.

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