Saturday, November 21, 2009

Things put behind you belongs to everybody

When I was on my trip to Beijing, the tourist guide told us to be careful so as not to be the victims of pickpockets. Snatch-theft rarely happens because Chinese laws are very strict about this.

This time my Guilin tourist guide said, "What is put in front of you is yours, what is put by the side is others' and what is put behind you belongs to everybody." He was giving us advice so that pickpockets will not lay their hands on our properties. After his sound advice, I saw shifting of waist-pouches and sling-bags to the front from among fellow tourists in my group.

Talking about safety of tourists' property, I observed that the Chinese police really patrolled the tourist spots regularly. In places like the pedestrian walkway in Canton, a police-constable will be stationed there. I saw one policeman coming to take over the duty of keeping an eye on the crowd from his colleague. In this way, should any occurrence of pocketing take place, it will be dealt with at once. The patrol car will come very soon because it is on the round all the while in predetermined places.

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