Friday, November 20, 2009

Cute rubbish bins in China

Almost at every tourist spot, I could spot cute rubbish bins such as the one in the photo below. On the front is written in Chinese 'Huan Bao Xiao Wu' or Litte House of Conservation. One little cute girl is looking at you at her open window. By turning a rubbish bin into a cute little house like this, it really helps to raise awareness among the local people and tourists alike to throw their rubbish into it.

When I was in Beijing, I saw women picking up rubbish every now and then at tourist spots. I saw the same thing while in Guilin too. It is a very good job done to keep the places clean all the time. This picking-up-rubbish-as-they-go-around women seem to work all day because I saw them in the morning and bumped into them again at night. No wonder there is hardly any rubbish in tourist spots in China.

Please help to keep the environment clean, will you?

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