Monday, November 16, 2009

The final lap of my journey in China

Finally it was the last day of my Guilin trip. Early in the morning we set off for Xi Guan Mansions to witness the quadrangle courtyards with all the rooms meant for different purposes such as for entertaining guests, for cooking, for study and as rooms to sleep in. As no camera was allowed, I could only take a snapshot of white gold fish which I had not seen before outside the mansion.

Then we proceeded to Xing Hu or Star Lake. It is said that the water here is as crystal clear as the water of Li River and the mountains surrounding it are as scenic as those in Guilin. You can judge for yourselves by comparing the photos of the hills in this post and those earlier ones in Guilin. The lake teems with fish and they belong to the state. Anglers who like to take home their catch will have to pay a fee while fishing here.

The next place we went to is the Liurong Temple - named after six big Banyan trees found there. I took a photo of one of them for display here. The pagoda was quite tall too.

Then it was shopping time. We went to the famous Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Street located in Liwan District of Guangzhou City. When we reached there, I was surprised to see such a huge crowd. I took many snapshots of the crowd scenes here. It was quite rushing because we had only one and a half hour to shop as we had to board the bus before 4.00 to reach Bai Yun International Airport in order not to miss the 7.15 p.m. flight back to Penang.

It was home sweet home at 11.35p.m.

A rare species of white gold fish

Liurong Temple - a famous temple in Guangzhou

One of the banyan trees in Liurong Temple

Two of the seven hills in Xing Hu

One of the hills seen around Xing Hu

Shopping crowd at Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Street

Shopping Crowd 1

Shopping Crowd 2

Shopping Crowd 3

You can watch live ads here.

Shopping Crowd 4

Shopping Crowd 5

Shopping Crowd 6

Shopping Crowd 7

Shopping Crowd 8

Let us eat some food here.

Let us rest here while your mum is shopping.

A Blood Donation Booth right in the city centre - What a good idea!

An artificial waterfall in the city.

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