Sunday, November 15, 2009

A 10-hour journey by bus to reach Zhao Qing

There was a hitch on the 6th day of my trip to Guilin. We left He Zhou at 8.13 a.m. for Zhao Qing, a distance of over 200 kilometres. The estimated time of arrival there was over 5 hours. But it was not to be so.

The driver did not do his homework as when we reached a place leading to Zhao Qing, it was closed because the bridge there was being repaired and it had been closed for six months already. Hence, the bus had to go back to find another route to reach Zhao Qing wasting one full hour. He opted for short cuts but it was time consuming because we had to go through very rough roads some of which split in the middle because of earthquake. The bumpy ride made travelling uncomfortable. It was not until 10 hours later that we finally reached Zhao Qing.

We missed out two sites to be visited but the tourist guide told us that he would make up for them the next day as it was too dark then. The night was spent experiencing the activities of local folks at Qi Xing Yuan Square where children had a good time roller-skating and scooting with their scooters while adults could do their shopping. Another thing we did was to enjoy the fountain display.

It was a tiring day because of the long hours' of travelling by tour bus.

Qi Xing Yuan Arch at Zhao Qing

Night scene at Zhao Qing

Crowd watching fountain display

One of the highest fountain shots

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